CampusCoin Progress Report #3

CampusCoin Progress Report #3
December 11, 2017 campuscoindev

After a community viewing period, final changes to the CampusCoin website are underway. The team now turns its focus to the Campus Ambassador Program and a wallet tutorial video.

The CampusCoin Project team takes pride in our great community.

Early last week, the CampusCoin team released a prototype for our new website to our community. The private, one week release gave our community time to review the site and translate their thoughts to our team. Many compliments and criticisms alike were taken into consideration and we are proud to announce that final changes to our new site have been submitted.

Our team appreciates the support we have received from our community. Many changes that will be seen upon the launch of our new site were suggested by you. Expect the new site to launch by the end of the week. Keep up the good work, we love you all!

Campus Ambassador Program ready to take flight.

As the new site prepares to launch, it is the calm before the storm for the team’s Campus Ambassador Program.

The CampusCoin Project team is prepared to launch our official Campus Ambassador Program upon release of our new site. The new site will include a revitalized Be a Campus Ambassador page that will act as the base for our new program until the release of our app. New features will include:

  • An ambassador of the Month section to recognize top performers.
  • New Ambassador ranking system. Can you become a Legendary Ambassador?
  • 1 page printable FAQ sheet for Ambassadors to simplify the process.
  • Full list of schools with Ambassadors.
  • Easy registration directly from the site.
  • Much more.

Full details of our Campus Ambassador Program plan will be released in our 4th report coming on Wednesday on all medias. Thank you for your patience!

Development team preparing wallet tutorial video for new users.

After receiving many questions concerning the official CampusCoin wallet, our team is currently preparing a wallet tutorial video to release on all medias. This video will be a virtual walk-through showing our users the many functions of the CampusCoin wallet. Actions such as the downloading of the wallet, sending and receiving transactions, creating new addresses, wallet encryption, and the activation of mining will be discussed in our tutorial. Initial release will be in English, though we are offering a bounty for voice-over translations.

If you have troubles before the completion of this video, please feel free to contact us.

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

— Nikos Kazantzakis


CampusCoin CEO



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