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Bring Us To Your School

Be an official CampusCoin Ambassador by promoting CampusCoin at your local school.

Earn rewards daily for encouraging students to sign up for our CampusCoin app. Receive a huge bonus if your school starts accepting CampusCoin at their school bookstores/dining halls. Rewards for local bars and restaurants accepting CampusCoin also available.


Student Outreach

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  • Recruit students to join our Discord server
  • Recruit new potential Ambassadors from your school
  • Start a CampusCoin Club at your School
  • Social media activity (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • T-Shirt Giveaways
  • Sitting down with Students, explaining the benefits CampusCoin has to offer
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  • Recruit students to download Mobile App
  • CampusCoin promotion throughout your school (flyers, QR codes, etc.)
  • Table events featuring CampusCoin items and tri-folds
  • Contact with School Leaders and Administration about CampusCoin
  • Projects for College Fairs
  • Research for CampusCoin
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Get CampusCoin to a Local Business

Recruit local businesses to accept CampusCoin as a medium of exchange.  Receive 50 bonus invites in the Ambassador Rewards Program with each successful business integration.

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Get CampusCoin to your School

Recruit your school to fully integrate CampusCoin as a medium of exchange. Receive 500 bonus invites in the Ambassador Rewards Program upon full adoption of CampusCoin at your school.

Note: Task rewards subject to change.

Campus Ambassador Rewards Levels

(Note: These rewards are an early representation of the ambassador program and are subject to change in the future.)

Level 1: Novice Ambassador

10-24 Recruits in Discord/App

  • 10 CMPCO per Discord Recruit
  • $1 in CMPCO per App Recruit.
  • Ambassador Starter Pack (White T-Shirt + Small Items)

Level 2: Rookie Ambassador

25-49 Recruits in Discord/App

  • 15 CMPCO per Discord Recruit
  • $1.25 in CMPCO per App Recruit
  • CampusCoin Green T-Shirt

Level 3: Intermediate Ambassador

50-99 Recruits in Discord/App

  • 20 CMPCO per Discord Recruit
  • $1.50 in CMPCO per App Recruit
  • CampusCoin Sweatshirt (White, Green, or Black)

Level 4: Expert Ambassador

100-199 Recruits in Discord/App

  • 30 CMPCO per Discord Recruit
  • $1.75 in CMPCO per App Recruit
  • Keeping it “100” Package (Personalized Hoodie, Gold CampusCoin T-Shirt w/ Name)

Level 5: Elite Ambassador

200-499 Recruits in Discord/App

  • 40 CMPCO per Discord Recruit
  • $2 in CMPCO per App Recruit
  • Full Clothing Store Package (t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt, pants, and 1 misc. item)

Level 6: Legendary Ambassador

500+ Recruits in Discord/App

  • 50 CMPCO per Discord Recruit
  • $2.50 in CMPCO per App Recruit
  • CampusCoin Sponsored Party at Your School, Other Rewards TBD

Criteria to become a Campus Ambassador

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must provide school email or proof of attendance.
  • Each school will have 1 Ambassador per 2,000 students (0–1,999 = 1 Ambassador, 2,000–3,999 = 2 Ambassadors, 4,000-5,999 = 3 Ambassadors. etc..)

Criteria to remain a Campus Ambassador

  • An Ambassador must join the CampusCoin Discord server within 7 days of acceptance.
  • After joining our Discord server, an Ambassador must invite 10 users with in 14 days.
  • Upon recruiting 10 users, you are now a Novice Ambassador
  • After reaching Novice status, one of the following actions must be completed on a monthly basis to remain an Ambassador:
    • 10 CampusCoin related social media posts.
    • 5 invites to the CampusCoin Discord server.
    • Host or Attend one CampusCoin event at your school.

*Failure to comply with the criteria above results in the following action*

  • First Offense: Written warning from Campus Ambassador team.
  • Second Offense: Suspension from Ambassador Program for half of the academic year.
  • Third Offense: Removal from the Ambassador Program.

  • After recruiting 10 users, you receive the following:
    • Official Level 1 Ambassador status
    • A school Discord communication channel
    • An Ambassador Starter Pack
    • The ability to earn rewards via our different Ambassador Rewards Levels
  • Social media posts must fit the following criteria:
    • Posts must contain the Hashtag of the Month
    • Posts must contain meaningful and appropriate content
    • Posts must tag the official CampusCoin page

Ambassador of the Month Rewards

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Given to #1 Ambassador of the Month determined by CampusCoin Team (Most recruits or local business/school acceptance)

  • Description on CampusCoin Website with their picture
  • Campus Ambassador of the Month Apparel Bundle

Ambassador of the Month


The fifth official Ambassador of the Month is Bryce. Bryce is our lead Ambassador at Coastal Carolina and has worked with our team very closely over the past couple of months. He has been very active in speaking with many different entities, doing his part to make a name for CampusCoin however he can. Bryce has lead the charge for CampusCoin events at his school (Coastal Carolina) and East Carolina University.

Bryce was also a big help at the Deshaun Watson football camp, where CampusCoin provided two scholarships for students. He has also personally helped many students understand the benefits of our project. CampusCoin is proud to have such great representation, not only at Coastal Carolina but all over the world. Thank you, Bryce!

Campus Ambassador Registration

If accepted, expect a reply with further details on how to start earning your rewards.

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