CampusCoin Community Help Page

CampusCoin Community Help Page
December 15, 2017 campuscoindev

The CampusCoin Project team is always searching for community help to move our project forward.

The CampusCoin Project team is commonly referred to as a Grassroots Movement. We embrace this title as we pride ourselves on having a community that is both supportive and productive. Many important tasks such as the completion of translation pages and graphic design projects can be credited to members of our community. The CampusCoin Project team always welcomes community help and is willing to reward those who produce quality content.

For those of you who are interested in helping the progression of our movement, please join our discord channel. Upon joining discord, simply message the developer (@campuscoindev) asking to be invited to the community help channel and you will be added to our Trello page. By joining the Trello page, you will have access to a list of tasks that we are asking the community to assist our team with. Users will also have the ability to add tasks for the community to consider working on.

If you are interested in assisting our team, join our discord channel here.


CampusCoin Co-Founder



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