CampusCoin Flyer Distribution Bounty

CampusCoin Flyer Distribution Bounty
April 14, 2018 marketingadmin

→ Task: Repost the provided Flyer on your TwitterFacebook, and/or Instagram.

→ Requirements: Users must repost the provided Flyer, tag the official CampusCoin page, and use #CoinSZN.

→ Limitations: Users may be rewarded for one post per media (3 max).

→ Reward25 CMPCO will be earned per repost (3 post limit). Posts will be worth 50 CMPCO if the post includes the user and the Flyer posted in the physical form on their campus.*

→ How to: Submit proof of post via the Discord bounty-reporting channel

→ Deadline: 4/21/2018 @ 4PM EST

→ Payout: Bounties will be paid after proof of post is provided

*Physical form includes the actual printing and posting of the provided flyer at locations around your campus. If a user submits a post that contains a picture of themselves with the flyer posted on their campus, they will receive extra tokens (50 CMPCO per post rather than 25).

To receive a larger copy of the flyer to post on your campus or a version that can be cut into four and handed out to your colleagues, please email our team at

Bryan Dube

CampusCoin Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer


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