CampusCoin Progress Report #1

CampusCoin Progress Report #1
December 3, 2017 campuscoindev

CampusCoin Project Progress Report #1

Beginning 12/3/2017 the CampusCoin Project team will release frequent progress reports to update the community.

CampusCoin Project developer nearing completion of official regulation bots for team communication channels.

As the CampusCoin Project’s community channel member population increases, the need for swift responses to frequently asked questions has become a priority. To allow for the team to focus on the development of the CampusCoin Project, we are proud to announce the creation of the official CampusCoin regulation bot, coined CampusCoin_Bot.

The name may not be clever, but the bot sure is! After brief research on the most frequently asked questions by our community, CampusCoin_bot is ready to provide you with the knowledge you need instantly. How do I download the CampusCoin wallet? Where can I find the CampusCoin social media pages? What is the current total supply of CMPCO in circulation? All of these simple questions can be found using the commands in CampusCoin_Bots programming. A full list of commands can be found by typing /commands in any bar. Contact us with command recommendations or issues with CampusCoin_Bot.

CampusCoin website under construction. User interface and functionality upgrade at the forefront.

Prototype design for by H7designs

Convenient. Secure. Rewarding.

As the CampusCoin Project continues to gain traction, it is time to provide the community with the website they deserve. We have heard your recommendations and the CampusCoin team will undergo a complete overhaul of our official website.

Reconstruction will be performed by H7designs, who aims to improve our user interface and increase the sites functionality.

The new site will include an updated user interface with a professional feel and improved functionality that will allow for easy navigation. With increased interface motion, the new CampusCoin site will be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

A prototype produced by H7designs has been released on the official CampusCoin media pages or can be viewed at With any comments, concerns, or recommendation, please contact us.

“Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.”

— Tony Hsieh


CampusCoin Co-Founder



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