CampusCoin Progress Report #11

CampusCoin Progress Report #11
January 16, 2018 campuscoindev

CampusCoin to be accepted by Vita Haus Supplements, marking CMPCO’s entry into the retail space. CampusCoin team announces the start of two bounties, including CampusCoin’s first annual March Madness Challenge.

Vita Haus Supplements declares CMPCO as preferred method of transaction.

The CampusCoin team is proud to announce that we have recently struck an agreement with Vita Haus LLC that will allow for CMPCO to be incorporated into the financial infrastructure of their business. Vita Haus LLC, a nutritional supplement store in Waldorf, Maryland, has agreed to accept CMPCO as a form of payment. CMPCO will be accepted at both their local venue as well as via their online shop. This is a huge step in the right direction as this agreement marks CampusCoin’s entrance into the retail space and can be used to compile critical data prior to mass release. Below is a statement released by Aaron Krahling, owner of Vita Haus LLC, that summarizes his stance on the agreement:

Official statement from Aaron Krahling of Vita Haus LLC

The CampusCoin Project team would like to thank Aaron and Vita Haus LLC for their kind words. We are thrilled to have forged an agreement with Vita Haus LLC and cannot wait to see what this partnership brings us in the future. With similar target demographics, CMPCO’s implementation into Vita Haus LLC will be the perfect proving ground for a hungry and eager CampusCoin team. We hope this opportunity will show the true capabilities of CampusCoin and open doors to new market spaces in the near future.

More information, including date of implementation, will be released in an upcoming Medium report. Stay tuned!

The CampusCoin Project team offers new two new bounties

CampusCoin March Madness Tournament Challenge Bounty

Coming this March, the CampusCoin Project will be running its first annual March Madness Tournament Challenge. This challenge will be free to enter and will have a prize of 250,000 CMPCO for the winner. We will also be offering 2,000,000 CMPCO to any participant who creates a perfect bracket. This is a great opportunity to show off your bracketology skills!

Sign up information for the CampusCoin March Madness Tournament Challenge will be released in an upcoming report, as we are still two months away from the start of the NCAA basketball championship tournament.

To start off the challenge right, we are launching a bounty that calls on our community to share a provided graphic on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Full information can be found below.

→ Task: Post the provided graphic (top of the article) on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram

→ Requirements: Must tag CampusCoin and use #CMPCOTourneyChallenge

→ Limitations: 1 post per media (1 Twitter, 1 Instagram, and 1 Facebook)

→ Reward: 50 CMPCO per post

→ How to: Submit link to post on Discord or Telegram

→ Deadline: 1/22/2018 @ 12PM EST

→ Payout: Upon proof of post

For more information about this bounty including a .PNG file of the graphic above, please contact us.

CampusCoin Meme Creation Contest

→ Task: Create a CampusCoin related meme.

→ Requirements: Meme must pertain to CampusCoin

→ Limitations: No vulgarity

→ Reward: 1000 CMPCO to the top meme

→ How to: Submit memes via the CampusCoin Discord or Telegram

→ Deadline: 1/18/2018 @ 12PM EST

→ Payout: Winner will be selected 1/18/2018 @ 5PM EST

NOTE: Only one meme will be declared the winner of the 1,000 CMPCO. Winning meme will be posted on our official social medias and recognition will be given to the creators.

CampusCoin Wallet Tutorial Video Bounty is still active

Modified bounty from Medium Report 9 & 10

NOTE: Only one video will be declared the winner of the 10,000 CMPCO. Winning videos will be posted on our official site and recognition will be given to the creators.

Legal Notice: Any information uploaded to CampusCoin shall be sent knowing that upon reception of this information, CampusCoin has the right to use the material in whole or in part for the expansion and betterment of CampusCoin.

For any questions concerning these new bounties, please contact us.

Development Updates:

  • Paper wallets to be available on (already approved)
  • Bot translation development continues
  • Tip bot development continues
  • Latest News section now contains all Medium reports
  • Proof-of-Stake research/development continues
  • Meet-the-Team page development continues
  • App development continues
  • Telegram price bot has been added with official bot coming soon

Marketing Updates:

  • CampusCoin to be accepted at Vita Haus supplement store
  • Meme creation contest begins
  • CampusCoin March Madness Tournament Challenge announced
  • Wallet Tutorial Video bounty continues
  • Campus Ambassador of the month to be announced at end of January
  • CampusCoin clothing set to be available by end of January

Media Expansion Statistics

Time Period: 1/12/2017 to 1/15/2017

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

— Henry Ford


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