CampusCoin Progress Report #16

CampusCoin Progress Report #16
April 24, 2018 marketingadmin

CampusCoin gains top listing spot on easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange CoinSwitch. Mandatory questionnaire assigned to all Ambassadors. CampusCoin announces the launch of two new bounties. CryptoWolf API Widget expected soon.


CampusCoin team gains top listing on CoinSwitch

The CampusCoin team is proud to announce that we have gained the top listing spot on is a cryptocurrency exchange that is capable of providing the best exchange rate on a transaction by aggregating all leading exchanges and comparing their rates in real time. As of now, CoinSwitch supports over 275 cryptocurrencies and 45,000 exchange pairs.

The listing of CampusCoin on CoinSwitch is beneficial to users who are not comfortable with the usage of more complicated cryptocurrency exchanges. Rather than having to compare the rates of different exchanges, CoinSwitch automatically ensures the user is receiving the best rate for any transaction (whether buying or selling). Information regarding the usage of CoinSwitch can be found in their FAQ section.

View the CampusCoin page provided by CoinSwitch here.


Team assigns mandatory questionnaire to all Ambassadors

The CampusCoin Ambassador team has released a mandatory questionnaire for all current, and registering, members of our Ambassador Program. The purpose of the questionnaire is to ensure that our Ambassadors act appropriately on their social medias and are in-fact proactive members of the scholastic world who can help promote our vision at CampusCoin. The collected information is for selection purposes only and will not be shared with any third party. Ambassadors who do not submit a completed questionnaire prior to Tuesday, June 8th 2018 will be remove from the program. The questionnaire can be found here.


Please contact with any questions.

CampusCoin to add CryptoWolf API Widget

In the upcoming weeks, look for the addition of the official CryptoWolf API Widget onto the CampusCoin website. The addition of this widget will allow for the direct purchase of CampusCoin through our website. This allows our less experienced users to bypass tricky exchanges and reduce the risk associated with using these exchanges.

The CryptoWolf API Widget will appear on our website in a similar fashion as the “Buy SkyCoin” icon located on the SkyCoin webpageTo purchase CampusCoin, our users will simply have to select the “Buy CampusCoin” icon that will be located on our home page and follow the provided instructions.

For any questions, please email us at or contact CryptoWolf.


CampusCoin launches new Airdrop

→ Task: Register for the CampusCoin newsletter using a valid school-provided email address at

→ Requirements: The provided email address must be an .edu or an alternative official school-provided email address.

→ Limitations: One registration per user.

→ Reward*100 CMPCO will be earned for each user who registers for the CampusCoin newsletter with an official school-provided email address.

→ How to: Sign up for our newsletter with a valid school-provided email address on the official CampusCoin website.

→ Start Date: 4/24/2018 @ 12PM EST

→ End Date: 5/24/2018 @ 12PM EST

→ Payout: After registering, users must email our team at with a valid CMPCO address to receive airdrop funds.

→ Bonus: During the Airdrop period, users who apply and are selected as CampusCoin Ambassadors will receive a bonus 500 CMPCO. Apply to become an Ambassador here.

*Airdrop rewards are subject to change at any time.


Team announces launch of community graphic design challenge

→ Task: Create the best CampusCoin related graphic.

→ Requirements: The provided graphic must be related to CampusCoin and must contain only appropriate content (No vulgarity, no violence, etc..).

→ Limitations: Unlimited

→ Reward*1000 CMPCO will be rewarded to the member of our community who submits the best graphic as chosen by our team. The winning graphic will be posted on CampusCoin social medias.

→ How to: Submit your graphics on the Bounty-Reporting channel on Discord.

→ Start Date: 4/24/2018 @ 4 PM EST

→ End Date: 5/1/2018 @ 4 PM EST

→ Payout: Winner will be announced on 5/1/2018 @ 6 PM PST


Development Updates:

  • CampusCoin gains top listing on CoinSwitch
  • CryptoWolf API Widget to be added to
  • Message Buba on Discord or Telegram for dev assistance possibilities
  • Message Wasabi3333 on Discord for translation bounty opportunities
  • Mobile Wallet/App development continues and remains ahead of schedule
  • Web Wallet development continues and remains ahead of schedule
  • Proof-of-Stake research/development continues

Marketing Updates:

  • Team launches bounty in search of collegiate users and new Ambassadors
  • Team assigns mandatory questionnaire to all Ambassadors
  • Community graphic design competition begins 4/24/2018
  • CampusCoin team continues their U.S. school tour as scheduled

Media Expansion Statistics

Time Period: 3/1/2018 to 4/23/2018

Bryan Dube

CampusCoin Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer


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