CampusCoin Progress Report #2

CampusCoin Progress Report #2
December 6, 2017 campuscoindev

CampusCoin community continues to expand as media presence grows. Official CampusCoin apparel nears completion, with social media campaign on the horizon.

CampusCoin Project team has turned its attention to expanding social media pages to strengthen community presence.

As the CampusCoin app development is set to begin, the team is now focused on vamping its efforts to strengthen our community. Currently, the CampusCoin Project can be found on FacebookTwitterInstagramTelegramRedditBitcoinTalkBitcoinGarden, and our official website. In the past, these medias were under-utilized. Be prepared for a 360 degree overhaul.


We take pride in everything we release. As the need for media expansion increases, our team found itself in need of a graphic design expert to produce the highest quality content that our community deserves. We are proud to announce that our media expansion plan will be assisted by the CampusCoin Project team’s newest associate and graphic design specialist KWK Designs. KWK Designs can be credited with the creation of our official logo and is taking the lead on the graphic design for our soon to be released roadmap. The addition of a graphic design specialist will allow for CampusCoin to release high-quality graphics to accompany the information being transferred on our media sites. With educational content and quality graphics, the team is set take the web by storm.


Releasing quality content is only half of the battle. As we look to expand the CampusCoin Project to a level of mass adoption, it is clear that in a social media driven society our team needs to focus on properly updating the community via these social platforms. We have decided to add members to the CampusCoin Project team who are dedicated to monitoring and updating our media pages. This will allow for content to be released at an accelerated rate and expedite the passing of information from the development team to the community. The CampusCoin Project plans on being the educational leader of the crypto world, and this is where we begin.

Official CampusCoin apparel is on its way.

As CampusCoin apparel nears completion, a massive social media campaign is on the horizon.

Yes, its true. Our first official CampusCoin Project apparel is near completion and a limited supply will be available for the public. With plans to greatly expand the product list to include all of your favorite accessories, the initial release will only include first generation T-Shirt designs for both men and women. For now, we will not be releasing the designs of our first generation T-Shirts as we await for final design changes to be implemented. Design and release date will be announced shortly on all media pages, so stay tuned. For product recommendations, please contact us.


Since our creation in July, a massive media campaign integrating official CampusCoin Project apparel has been at the forefront of our marketing strategy. Upon the release of our first generation T-Shirts, the CampusCoin Project team will open a CMPCO reward based bounty system for social media content including our apparel. This will allow for the team to boost the circulation of CMPCO as we reward our community for increasing its own media exposure. More information about the bounty will be released soon on all media pages. If you are interested in partaking in the future bounty or to reserve a shirt, please contact us.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

— Anonymous


CampusCoin Co-Founder



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