CampusCoin Progress Report #5

CampusCoin Progress Report #5
December 18, 2017 campuscoindev

The CampusCoin Project team focuses on the development of official whitepaper. Bounties for website translations now available. CMPCO approaching block 210,000 update.

The CampusCoin Project team switches focus to official whitepaper.

In the wake of our website launch, we must now focus on the development of our official whitepaper. As of today, the CampusCoin team has members of the community working on the foundation of our whitepaper. The content that has been delivered to us from our community exceeds expectations, but still needs work. There are main components of our whitepaper that cannot be written until we are closer to completion of our app (these sections will be written by our development team), but there is a large portion that can be completed prior to our quarter 1, 2018 deadline. The CampusCoin team is offering a bounty for those who wish to edit and expand our official whitepaper. If you are interested in participating in this bounty, please contact us, where we will supply you with the original rough draft created by Buba (found on Discord). From there, you can edit the whitepaper and expand it to your liking and send it back. The best versions will be rewarded with CMPCO from the team.

Note: not all recommended changes will be implemented and/or rewarded

CampusCoin team offering bounty for website translations.

A bounty to be paid in CMPCO is being offered by our team to those who complete translations of our Official Website.

The CampusCoin team is once again calling on our community for assistance! Similar to our announcement page bounty, the CampusCoin Project development team is offering a reward to be paid in CMPCO for members of our community who can create translations of If you are interested in participating the bounty, please email the support team at, via the official support twitter @CampusCoinSup, or via discord.

Reminder: Update wallets prior to 12/29/2017

Tonight, the CMPCO blockchain will be passing block 195,000. With only 15,000 blocks to go, we are rapidly approaching block 210,000 where the block reward and max supply reduction update will occur. For those who do not know, this update was implemented to reduce the amount of CMPCO being flooded into the market by miners who solely seek to mine and dump CMPCO. The update will include:

  • Reducing the max supply of CMPCO from 2,000,000,000 to 1,010,000,000
  • Reducing the block reward for mining CMPCO from 1500 to 500

We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that you are using the proper client version of the CampusCoin wallet.

If you are using wallet client v1.2.0.1, you are using the correct version and need not make any changes. It is only if you are using the wallet client v1.0.0.1 that you will experience issues. If this is the case, please download the updated version here.

If you do not know which version of the wallet you have, follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Open your CampusCoin Wallet
  2. Click on the Help button and then select the Debug window option.
  3. On the Information tab, check the client number (shown below)
  4. Be sure v1.2.0.1 is being used and not v1.0.0.1

If you need assistance downloading v1.2.0.1 of the CampusCoin wallet, please feel free to contact us.

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.”

— Ray Goforth


CampusCoin Co-Founder



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