CampusCoin Progress Report #14

CampusCoin Progress Report #14
February 20, 2018 campuscoindev

Progress report 14 recaps the Caleb Plant Fight, Deshaun Watson Youth Football Camp, and the 2018 World Sign Spinning Championship sponsorships. The CampusCoin team launches two week pre-sale of first generation clothing. CampusCoin March Madness bracket closes in.

“Crypto Caleb” shines in his IBF super middleweight bout versus Medina in El Paso, Texas.

Saturday’s event filled night was capped off with CampusCoin sponsored boxer Caleb “Sweethands” Plant (17–0) step-up fight victory in his fight versus Rogelio “Porky” Medina (38–9) in El Paso, Texas. Caleb won the bout in a dominant manner on national television (fight aired on FOX), with BLH scoring it 118–110 in the favor of Plant. This victory puts Caleb in the No. 2 contender slot in the IBF super middleweight class (current title holder is Caleb Truax). Caleb truly has opened the eyes of the boxing world and we look forward to supporting Caleb, both inside and outside the ring, as he closes in on his championship bout.

“Crypto Caleb” pre-fight photo shoot

Caleb Plant not only caught the attention of the professional boxing world with his decisive victory Saturday night, but of the crypto world as well with a simple media post. On Instagram, Caleb posted: “Call me Crypto Caleb… happy to join forces with CampusCoin to bring you guys not only acryptocurrency, but one that is geared towards funding scholarships for the younger generation. This coin is like no other because it’s not only a investment but an investment towards building up the next generation.” This marks the first time a professional boxer has stepped into the ring with a cryptocurrency sponsor.

First of all, we would like to thank Caleb for representing CampusCoin like a true champion in his fight versus Medina.” said Matt Leonard, Founder of CampusCoin, “Your boxing skills and your passion for the betterment of the quality of life for the younger generations are beyond admirable….. We look forward to a continued relationship with Caleb and his team. Great job Sweethands!”

CampusCoin provides two scholarships to underprivileged student-athletes at NFL Star Deshaun Watson’s football camp.

Deshaun Watson giving instructions to kids at his Football Camp

On Saturday, February 17th, members of the CampusCoin team as well as a group of Campus Ambassadors attended the Everett Sports Marketing Youth Football Camp Hosted by Deshaun Watson. CampusCoin co-sponsored the camp in an effort to be involved with an event that is based around the promotion of character building and leadership qualities in young student-athletes. At this camp, young athletes were given a chance of a lifetime and received direct instructions from NFL superstar Deshaun Watson to better there football and character development skills (shown on the left).

All of us here at CampusCoin are very thrilled to be associated with a first-class organization like Everett Sports Marketing, who has brought an exemplary leader like Deshaun Watson to their youth football camp.” said Matt Leonard, founder of CampusCoin. “Our goal is to connect the students attending, with our vision here at CampusCoin. We want to bring awareness to our cryptocurrency, and how it will benefit the future generations. We have plans in place to connect all students, of all ages, into the digital world. We believe CampusCoin will revolutionize the way students make transactions with their peers. The time is now to educate our children about cryptocurrency.

Spencer, Bryce, and Campus Ambassadors present the MVP and the Outstanding Sportsmanship Scholarships.

The CampusCoin team, along with co-sponsoring the camp, provided two CMPCO scholarships to the top two student-athletes at the camp. The scholarships that were provided at the camp included:

  • The MVP Scholarship – 25000 CMPCO
  • The Outstanding Sportsmanship Scholarship – 25000 CMPCO

Both scholarships were presented to the winning athletes by Spencer Barrick (Director of Business Development), Bryce Johnson (Chief Ambassador), and the Campus Ambassadors who attended the event. The CampusCoin team would like to thank both Everett Sports Marketing and Deshaun Watson for allowing us to be a sponsor of an event that has a positive impact on the future generations of the world.

For any questions on the event, please feel free to email

CampusCoin sponsored spinner takes first at World Sign Spinning Championships in Las Vegas.

AArrow sign spinner wielding a custom CampusCoin sign at the 2018 WSSC

On Saturday, CampusCoin sponsored four of the top sign spinners from AArrow Sign Spinners during the 2018 World Sign Spinning Championship (WSSC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This two-day event is hosted in Vegas every year and is a conglomeration of the worlds top sign spinners. This event judges spinners on technique and style alike in an effort to determine who is the top spinner. CampusCoin was privileged to have four AArrow spinners (Kendric, Kadeem, Eli, and Calvin) wield custom made CampusCoin signs (seen on the left).

All four of our sponsored spinners were able to place in the top 25 after day one, allowing them to make it to the second day of competition.

We were thrilled to have all four of our spinners make it to the second day.” said Bryan, CCO of CampusCoin, “The exposure and unique content that will come from two days of breath taking performances is more than we could have asked for! For that we have to thank the spinners and AArrow! Great job!”

After the second and final day of competition, 3 of the 4 CampusCoin sponsored finished in the top ten spinners, including a first place finish. The CampusCoin team would like to congratulate Kendric (shown below) for placing first in the 2018 World Sign Spinning Championship. Your performance was outstanding and you deserve to be recognized as a champion.

Kendric: CampusCoin sponsored AArrrow Sign Spinner and 2018 WSSC Champion

CampusCoin would like to give big shout-out to AArrow Sign Spinners for allowing us to sponsor the event as well Kendric, Kadeem, Eli, and Calvin for representing CampusCoin well.


CampusCoin launches a two week pre-sale for their First Generation clothing line.

The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here! We are proud to announce the launching of our First Generation CampusCoin Apparel. To start the launch, we will have a two week exclusive pre-sale to our community members. All proceeds will be dedicated to media expansion and the development of our mobile wallet app. The first generation clothing will be available for this two week pre-sale only, so don’t miss out on your chance to acquire our limited edition First Generation Apparel! Expect the CMPCO Store to be up and running very soon. Pre-sale starts at the launch of the CMPCO store, so keep your eyes open. Payment options for First Generation Apparel will include CMPCO ONLY. Prices to be announced upon release.

First Generation Men’s T-Shirts
First Generation Men’s Tanks
First Generations Women’s T-Shirts
First Generation Women’s Tanks
First Generation Adult Unisex Sweatshirts
First Generation Baseball Hat

Keep an eye out for the announcement of the opening of the CMPCO Store on our media’s over the next few days!

CampusCoin March Madness Tournament Challenge bounty is back!

With March quickly approaching, the CampusCoin team’s focus shifts toward our next marketing venture: The CampusCoin March Madness Tournament Challenge. This is a CampusCoin sponsored, free-to-enter, March Madness bracket tournament that will reward 250,000 CMPCO to the winner and 2,000,000 CMPCO to anyone who can create the coveted perfect bracket. To help this event go viral, we are offering a CMPCO reward to those who post the graphic below on their Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter accounts while following the guidelines provided below.

March Madness graphic created by bribase1 on Discord

Bounty Information

→ Task: Post the provided graphic (above) on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram

→ Requirements: Must tag CampusCoin, use the hashtags #CMPCOTourneyChallenge#BitcoinForStudents, and #CMPCO ($CMPCO on Twitter), and provide the following information below your post:

  1. Brackets open March 11th
  2. Brackets close March 15th prior to first game
  3. Bracket is free to enter

→ Limitations: 1 post per media (1 Twitter, 1 Instagram, and 1 Facebook)

→ Reward: 50 CMPCO per post

→ How to: Submit link to post on Discord

→ Deadline: 2/26/2018 @ 12PM EST

→ Payout: Upon proof of post

For more information about this bounty including a .PNG file of the graphic above, please contact us.

Translation bounty opportunities are still available to members of our community.

The CampusCoin team is offering CMPCO bounties for the translating/editing of the website, ANN page and other important documents. The rewards for said bounties range from 500 to 8000 CMPCO. Translations are needed for the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Tagalog

If you are interested in participating in this bounty, feel free to Join the Discordand contact Wasabi3333 for more details.

Development Updates:

  • Meet the Team page expected Saturday
  • Whitepaper development continues
  • Team in search of additional developers to expedite forward movement of our project. Message CampusCoin Support on Discord or Telegram for more information on qualifications and job requirements
  • Message Wasabi3333 on Discord for translation bounty opportunities
  • ANN page translations being added
  • Proof-of-Stake research/development
  • Mobile Wallet App development
  • Web wallet development/research begins

Marketing Updates:

  • CampusCoin team sponsored spinner Kendric wins 2018 World Sign Spinning Championship in Las Vegas
  • Deshaun Watson Youth Football Camp sponsorship a success as CampusCoin presents two 25,000 CMPCO scholarships
  • Caleb “Sweethands” Plant wins his bout making him the 2nd ranked fighter in the IBF super middleweight class
  • CampusCoin clothing pre-sale launched (prices coming within 48 hours)
  • March Madness bounty has been launched
  • Translation bounties available: Contact Wasabi3333 on Discord

Media Expansion Statistics

Time Period: 2/12/2018 to 2/19/2018

“Please think about your legacy, because you’re writing it every day.”

— Gary Vaynerchuck


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