CampusCoin Team Releases New Bounties

CampusCoin Team Releases New Bounties
June 12, 2018 marketingadmin

CampusCoin Team Releases New Bounties

The CampusCoin team announces the initiation of two new community bounties. CampusCoin community donations addresses now live. Community based teams ready to expand.

Meme Creation Competition Bounty

→ Task: Create a Meme that illustrates a CampusCoin related use-case or fun fact.

→ Requirements: The Meme must be appropriate and contain no vulgarity

→ Limitations: No limitations 🙂

→ Reward5000 CMPCO to the creator of the top meme. Our team will also share the meme with proper credit on our official media accounts.

→ How to: Submit proof of post via the Discord bounty-reporting channel or via our community Telegram channel

→ Deadline: 6/19/2018 @ 5 PM EST

→ Selection: The top 3 memes will be placed in an open poll on Twitter, where our community will have 24 hours to vote on the meme they deem best

→ Payout: Winner will be announced on 6/20/2018 @ 5 PM EST

Mobile Application Sneak Peak Pt. 2 Bounty

CampusCoin Mobile App Preview #2 by KWKDesigns

→ Task: Retweet the Mobile Application Sneak Peak Pt. 2 post

→ Requirements: User must retweet the following post from the official CampusCoin Twitter →

→ Limitations: One retweet per user

→ Reward50 CMPCO

→ How to: Submit proof of retweet via the Discord bounty-reporting channel or via our community Telegram channel

→ Deadline: 6/30/2018 @ 11:59 PM EST

→ Payout: Reward will be distributed after proof of post and a valid CMPCO address is provided

→ Bonus: For every 100 retweets the post receives, one person who retweeted will win 500 CMPCO

CampusCoin Community Donations

As requested by our community, the CampusCoin team has created donation addresses that can be used by the community to aid the development of the CampusCoin Project. Donations in CampusCoin (CMPCO)Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC) will be accepted at this time. The funds received will be used to assist in the completion of key roadmap goals such as the expedition of the development of our mobile application and exchange expansion (to name a few).

CampusCoin Development Donation Addresses:

CMPCO Address: CSKYyacmzvcKRbq5F8cWDY52o5gHT7tCGc

BTC Address: 14mAo1wicxf9E4XtbmRkNx7wBiWYj9dnK8

LTC Address: LgnhP7rse9tuWQsrRvz9pR947M8LeZooq8

Community Driven Teams

The CampusCoin team recently announced the creation of community driven teams that will work alongside the core team to accomplish various tasks. These teams have been categorized into three broad bins: DevelopmentMarketing, and Graphic Design. The goal is to create inter-community teams that not only provide insight, but have the ability to complete assigned tasks to expedite the development of the CampusCoin Project as a whole. If you believe you could be a valuable asset to any of the three teams, please contact the team leader below that relates to your skill set.

Community Development team

  • Telegram: @Buba
  • Discord: @Buba

Community Marketing team

  • Telegram: @zachcmpco
  • Discord: @zachcmpco

Community Graphic Design team

  • Telegram: @KyleCMPCO
  • Discord: @KyleCMPCO

If you have any questions regarding the community-driven teams, feel free to reach out to us at

Bryan Dube

CampusCoin Co-Founder


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