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    CampusCoin Team Releases New Bounties

    CampusCoin Team Releases New Bounties The CampusCoin team announces the initiation of two new community bounties. CampusCoin community donations addresses now live. Community based teams ready to expand. Meme Creation Competition Bounty → Task: Create a Meme that illustrates a CampusCoin related use-case or…

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    Quarter 2, 2018 Synopsis

    Synopsis of Quarter 2, 2018 This article will summarize the CampusCoin Project team’s accomplishments and currently active projects for the second quarter of 2018.  Intro The second fiscal quarter of 2018 can be summarized as a quarter revolving around back-end development and…

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    CampusCoin Progress Report #16

    CampusCoin gains top listing spot on easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange CoinSwitch. Mandatory questionnaire assigned to all Ambassadors. CampusCoin announces the launch of two new bounties. CryptoWolf API Widget expected soon.   CampusCoin team gains top listing on CoinSwitch The CampusCoin team is…

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    CampusCoin Flyer Distribution Bounty

    → Task: Repost the provided Flyer on your Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. → Requirements: Users must repost the provided Flyer, tag the official CampusCoin page, and use #CoinSZN. → Limitations: Users may be rewarded for one post per media (3 max). → Reward: 25 CMPCO will be earned per repost (3 post limit).…

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    Quarter 2, 2018 Overview

    This report will summarize the proposed technological and marketing tasks for the CampusCoin team during the second fiscal quarter of 2018. These tasks can be seen here.   Technology The technological goals of the CampusCoin Project team for the second…

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