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    CampusCoin Progress Report #7

    CampusCoin market cap reaches all time high. End of the Year Bounty program launch a success. Team adds new updates to report. CampusCoin Market Cap surges past $3,000,000 USD setting all time high. Found on CoinMarketCap We at CampusCoin usually do not…

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    CampusCoin Progress Report #6

    The CampusCoin team determined to reward community for their loyalty with the beginning of a new bounty program. The CampusCoin team announces start of first annual End of Year Bounty Program. `Tis the season of giving and the CampusCoin Project team…

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    CampusCoin Progress Report #5

    The CampusCoin Project team focuses on the development of official whitepaper. Bounties for website translations now available. CMPCO approaching block 210,000 update. The CampusCoin Project team switches focus to official whitepaper. In the wake of our website launch, we must…

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    CampusCoin Community Help Page

    The CampusCoin Project team is always searching for community help to move our project forward. The CampusCoin Project team is commonly referred to as a Grassroots Movement. We embrace this title as we pride ourselves on having a community that is…

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    CampusCoin Progress Report #4

    The CampusCoin Project team releases new website. Campus Ambassador Plan details now available . The CampusCoin Project team announces the release of The long anticipated release of the CampusCoin Project’s newly designed site has arrived. After going through several editorial…

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