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    CampusCoin Progress Report #3

    After a community viewing period, final changes to the CampusCoin website are underway. The team now turns its focus to the Campus Ambassador Program and a wallet tutorial video. The CampusCoin Project team takes pride in our great community. Early…

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    CampusCoin Progress Report #2

    CampusCoin community continues to expand as media presence grows. Official CampusCoin apparel nears completion, with social media campaign on the horizon. CampusCoin Project team has turned its attention to expanding social media pages to strengthen community presence. As the CampusCoin…

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    CampusCoin Progress Report #1

    CampusCoin Project Progress Report #1 Beginning 12/3/2017 the CampusCoin Project team will release frequent progress reports to update the community. CampusCoin Project developer nearing completion of official regulation bots for team communication channels. As the CampusCoin Project’s community channel member…

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