CampusCoin Project Progress Report #19

CampusCoin Project Progress Report #19
September 12, 2018 campuscoindev

An introduction to the CampusCoin Benefits Corporation and its management team. The CampusCoin development team prepares for the upcoming fork and pending token swap. Masternode creation instructions nearing completion.

CampusCoin Benefits Corporation Unveiled

We are excited to announce the formation of CampusCoin Benefits Corporation, a Nevada based public benefit corporation (PBC).

The newly found CampusCoin Benefits Corporation will be lead by four familiar faces who have been key contributors to the development of CampusCoin over the past year: Bryan Dube (CEO), Bunmi Babajide (CSO), Arch Beard (CIO) and Todd Fishback (CFO). 

Maintaining the current course of our project and the execution of our business model will be the main focus of our management team. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Ensuring transparency remains a key pillar to our model
  • Implementation and execution of a business model revolving around the usage of our token within the collegiate marketplace
  • Creation and deployment of creative marketing schematics for collegiate marketplace penetration
  • Research, Development, and Maintenance of the CampusCoin blockchain
  • Searching and securing strategic partnerships to increase the size and quality of the CampusCoin ecosystem
  • Maintaining and expanding CampusCoin related social media and community chat platforms


Technological Updates

Coin Swap

All CampusCoin community members must swap current coins for the new coin within 4 weeks of the fork launch. The official date of the fork launch is to be released in an upcoming report. The fork will include a token swap at a 1:1 ratio, where our old coin (ticker: CMPCO) will be directly swapped with our new coin (ticker: CC). Please note that CampusCoin will no longer utilize the ticker CMPCO and will continue forward with the ticker CC. Be advised this is a mandatory swap as the old wallet will be discontinued and not supported.

The process will include the following:

If you have your coins in your wallet: (Highly recommended)

 A link to an official token swap page on our website will be provided for you to perform the swap. This page will contain an official burn address to send your old coins (CMPCO) to and a location to enter your new wallet address information where you plan to receive your new coins (CC). This will involve an automatic swap to ensure the process itself is simple. Official timing for coin reception will be released closer to swap date.

Download the Official CampusCoin Desktop Wallet here.

If your coin is on an exchange: 

We are working closely with CoinExchangeCryptopiaNovaExchangeCoinSwitch, and CryptoWolf at this time to coordinate swaps on these exchanges. As we gather the cost and process for the swap, we will inform the community on which exchanges will support the coin swap. Our team is also pursuing a handful of new exchanges for a potential post-fork listing. More information will be released in an upcoming report or update.

Additional Tech Updates

Web wallet 

The Web wallet development is 90% complete. The CampusCoin development team has delayed the release in order to properly time its release with the release of the new token, thus preventing the need for downtime and a complex updating process. Stay tuned for the release of the Official CampusCoin Online Wallet


The CampusCoin team strives to simplify the masternode process for our community to allow for both seasoned crypto-users and newcomers to the field alike to have the ability to participate in the expansion of the CampusCoin blockchain via the mining process. Our development team is near completion of a step-by-step guide to walk our users through the masternode set-up process, enabling all users to set up multiple masternodes of any tier.

As a reminder, there are the different tiers of Masternodes available for CampusCoin. In order to set up and maintain a masternode, a minimal balance must be held. The tier levels are shown below:

The 3 Masternode Tiers

For any questions regarding capability to run a masternode, please reach out to our team on Telegram or Discord


Marketing Updates

Coinvention Blockchain Conference Recap

On August 30th and 31st, the members of the CampusCoin Benefits Corporation management team were invited to attend the inaugural Coinvention blockchain convention at the Loews Hotel in the historic city that is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With three members in attendance (Bryan, Todd, and Arch), the CampusCoin team utilized the event to not only gain exposure by presenting our project and overall mission to the attendees, but to network and establish potentially beneficial connections that could be be explored in the upcoming weeks. It is safe to say that both goals were accomplished over the two day event!

From Left to Right: Todd Fishback, Bryan Dube, and Arch Beard

CampusCoin CEO, Bryan Dube, took the stage on the second day to discuss the importance of educating and engaging the future generation for the adoption of any cryptocurrency project. Bryan’s speech was very well received by the audience, a great sign for the CampusCoin Benefits Corporation and our project. A recording of the speech will be released in the near future on the official CampusCoin YouTube page.

Bryan was also invited to speak on a panel moderated by Bryan Doreain (Pivx) alongside George Awad (STEMChain)Joana Gutierrez (Meet Happy), and Leroy Ware (College Coin) to discuss the importance of building an active and engaged community in order to progress a project.

Media, including videos and photos from the event, that was collected by the Coinvention team from the event will be shared with the CampusCoin team in upcoming weeks. Once this material is received, it will be released to the community on all social media platforms and our community chat channels.

Arizona Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Image found on Arizona GPEC official website

This past week, the CampusCoin team met with the Arizona Greater Phoenix Economic Council via conference call to discuss how the GPEC may be of assistance to CampusCoin and our mission to create a financial ecosystem for the collegiate demographic. Though full details of what was discussed cannot be released at this time, it is key to note that the meeting was set up as an introductory call and no official partnership was formed. Rather, this meeting was more of the advisory nature.

Overall, the meeting that was set to be an introductory call between CampusCoin and the GPEC was extremely productive and quickly turned into a discussion of ways GPEC can assist our project and of potential paths for our project to explore. Our team was impressed with what was being proposed by the GPEC team and are thrilled to move forward with the GPEC offering advice and guidance for the penetration of the Arizona collegiate market. Look forward to further updates regarding this development.

If you have any connections to students, potential Ambassadors, retailers, or institutions in the Phoenix area, please feel free to reach out to us via any of our social media or community chat platforms.

Recent Token Allocation Usage

  • Moderators weekly retainers
  • Community Managers weekly retainers
  • Development and implementation of new UI for our desktop wallet
  • Increased developmental assistance for progression of the fork that will give our network PoS and MN capabilities
  • Bounty rewards

Additional updates will be released on a biweekly basis.

Development Updates:

  • Testnet phase for new token is now complete
  • New token release and pending 1–1 token swap approaching
  • Online Wallet development nears completion
  • Mobile Application development continues
  • Masternode step-by-step guide to be released
  • Message Buba on Discord or Telegram for dev assistance possibilities

Marketing Updates:

  • Team meets with Arizona GPEC 
  • CampusCoin to Speak at Arizona State University (ASU) on September 24th
  • Coinvention: a great success for CampusCoin
  • CampusCoin seeking strategic partners and Ambassadors in the Phoenix Area.
  • Team is seeking additional Moderators and Community Managers
  • Ambassador program updates/changes in progress
  • Message @zachcmpco on Discord or Telegram for marketing and moderation assistance opportunities

Bryan Dube

CampusCoin Co-Founder and CEO



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