Quarter 1, 2018 Synopsis

Quarter 1, 2018 Synopsis
March 20, 2018 campuscoindev

This article will summarize the CampusCoin Project team’s accomplishments regarding the technological and marketing goals for the first quarter of 2018. These goals can be located on our Roadmap.

Technological Goals

The technological goals of the CampusCoin Project team for the first fiscal quarter of 2018 can be separated into three tasks: Release the CampusCoin Whitepaper, Complete Mobile App Closing Processing and Tests, and Expand to New Exchanges.

Release the Official CampusCoin Whitepaper

The most pressing technological task for our team during the first fiscal quarter of 2018 was the completion, and eventual release, of the official CampusCoin Whitepaper. Like with all crypto-related businesses, the whitepaper lays the foundation for CampusCoin’s vision and details the intended strategies required to bring it to fruition.

We are proud to announce that the official CampusCoin Whitepaper will be released before the end of March as scheduled. Our team would like to thank our community for their faith in CampusCoin and for their patience as we crafted this document. The whitepaper is undergoing final revisions and will be released in the next 10 days.

Keep your eyes out for the official releasing of the CampusCoin Whitepaper!

Complete Mobile App Closing Processes and Tests

Behind the whitepaper, the development of the official CampusCoin mobile app was the main technological focus for the first quarter of 2018. The app is needed to properly expand the Ambassador program and to allow nearly instant transactions to be made via mobile devices. It will be the driving force behind CampusCoin’s vision, and needs to be prioritized as such.

Our team is excited to announce that we are ahead of schedule regarding the development of the official CampusCoin mobile app. The development team has nearly finished the closing processes and tests for the app, and a beta version is expected sooner than later.

For legal reasons, we cannot discuss any further details concerning the process until the app is released. Please stay tuned for further updates!

Expand to New Exchanges

As the number of CampusCoin users increased, our team deemed it necessary to find new exchanges for CMPCO to be listed on. CampusCoin’s enlistment on a new exchange would reduce open market manipulation from traders and increase the difficulty for one entity to inorganically alter the market. Our team accomplished this goal and CampusCoin was added to two exchanges: CryptoWolf and Stocks.Exchange.

CryptoWolf: CampusCoin became premium partners with an up-and-coming entity named CryptoWolf, a decentralized exchange based out of Europe. As a premium partner, CampusCoin can be directly exchanged for BitcoinEthereumLitecoinMoneroRippleStellar, and 50 other altcoins via the CryptoWolf platform. In the future, CryptoWolf will also offer infrastructure that enables the purchasing of cryptocurrencies directly via your debit or credit cards. Stay tuned for updates in this regard.

Stocks.ExchangeThe CampusCoin Project team was also able to get our token listed on a cryptocurrency exchange named Stocks.Exchange. Stocks.Exchange enabled CampusCoin to have another location to be acquired using Bitcoin and also offered the first method of direct CampusCoin to Ethereum transactions. Prior to the the listing of CryptoWolf, Stocks.Exchange was the only location with direct CampusCoin/Ethereumtransaction capabilities.

Marketing Goals

The CampusCoin Project team’s marketing strategy for the first fiscal quarter of 2018 revolved around the accomplishment of four tasks: The acquisition of 100 Ambassadors, the releasing of the Meet the Team Page, breaking-ground in the United States, and the selection of a school for our mobile app launch.

Acquire 100 Campus Ambassadors

At CampusCoin, our primary marketing strategy relies on Ambassadors promoting our vision on their respected campuses. For that reason, our most important marketing goal for the first fiscal quarter of the year was to increase our Ambassador totals, and in turn, our presence on campuses across the globe.

To quantify this goal, our team determined that we need to recruit 100 Campus Ambassadors by the end of March to consider the quarter a success with regards to Ambassador Program expansion. We assumed this would be a reasonable goal that could be accomplished in a three month period.

We are thrilled to announce that we have accomplished much more than anticipated. As of today, CampusCoin has 178 Ambassadors attending 167 schools located in 32 countries across the globe. As it currently stands, the Ambassador Program consists of 118 US students (66%) and 60 international students (34%), with numbers growing daily.

Note: If you are an Ambassador, keep your eyes out for the release of the official CampusCoin Ambassador Guide!

Release the Meet the Team Page

One of the most pressing tasks for the first fiscal quarter was to introduce our team to the community that had been supporting us for so long. We at CampusCoin aim to be as transparent as possible and, without our community knowing who we were, that was not possible. The day everyone had been waiting for finally came on March 1st, when the team officially released the Meet the Team Page on all medias and on the official CampusCoin website.

Note: Users should periodically visit our Meet the Team Page to stay updated on team expansion.

Break-Ground in the United States

The CampusCoin Project team was determined to break-ground in the United States during the first fiscal quarter of 2018 and put our name on the map. On February 17th, this goal was brought to fruition, as CampusCoin engaged in three very different marketing ventures across the US.

In El Paso, Texas, Caleb Plant proudly represented CampusCoin on his trunks in his middleweight bout versus Rogelio Medina on FOX. Caleb provided CampusCoin with maximum exposure, earning the victory on national television by unanimous decision after 10 rounds. Caleb continues to work closely with CampusCoin as our first Brand Ambassador.

Our team also provided scholarships to student athletes at the Everett Sports Marketing Youth Football Camp hosted by NFL superstar Deshaun Watson. Team Director of Business Development, Spencer Barrick, accompanied by 8 Ambassadors, presented two student athletes with the Most Valuable Playerand the Outstanding Sportsmanship scholarships, valued at 25,000 CMPCOeach.

Our third venture was to sponsor four AArrow sign spinners at the 2018 World Sign Spinning Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were proud to be wielded by AArrow spinner Kendric, who was named this year’s champion. All four sponsored spinners finished in the top 25 and provided our team with unique material for media blasts.

More CampusCoin events are coming soon!

Determine School for App Launch

Information concerning this goal will be discussed in the Whitepaper.

I would like to personally thank all of our Staff, Advisors, Ambassadors, and community for making Quarter 1 the success it has come to be. Your combined support and efforts have not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated. CampusCoin would not be what it is today without you. The future is bright.

Bryan Dube

CampusCoin Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer



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