Quarter 2, 2018 Overview

Quarter 2, 2018 Overview
April 3, 2018 campuscoindev

This report will summarize the proposed technological and marketing tasks for the CampusCoin team during the second fiscal quarter of 2018. These tasks can be seen here.



The technological goals of the CampusCoin Project team for the second fiscal quarter of 2018 can be separated into three tasks: Initial Beta Release and Revision of the Mobile App, Pre-Development of Proof-of-Stake Technology, and Being Added to a Major Exchange.


Apps: Initial Beta Release/Revision Period

Our main technological goal for the second fiscal quarter of 2018 is to have a beta release of our mobile app. As disclosed in our Quarter 1 Synopsis, the CampusCoin team remains ahead of schedule with this ongoing development and continues to work hard on this app to make v1.0 something we can all be proud to use every day. We plan to provide more insight when feasible.

Stay tuned for more information.


Begin Proof-of-Stake Pre-Development

Another important technological task that was set for the second quarter of 2018 is the completion of the pre-development stage for Proof-of-Stake implementation. Similar to the development of our mobile app, the CampusCoin team is ahead of schedule in the pre-developmental stage of PoS.

In the previous quarter, the development team completed the necessary research on two different methods of PoS: randomized block selection and coin age-based selection. This was conducted to allow for our team to decide which PoS method would be best for CampusCoin implementation. After completion of said research, our team concluded that coin-age based selection was the method that would allow for our future plans to succeed.

For the upcoming quarter, the CampusCoin development team will continue conducting research regarding mobile device Proof-of-Stake implementation. After this research is complete, the team can then focus on frameworking the desktop wallet to allow for PoS integration. If we remain ahead of schedule, the second quarter may also include the actual beginning of the development of Proof-of-Stake technology for CampusCoin.

More information will be available in future reports.


Addition to Major Exchange

A major milestone for the CampusCoin team during the second fiscal quarter of 2018 is to be listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange. Accomplishing this task would lead to an increase in the total volume of CMPCO transactions and an influx of new users from said exchange.

Though we are making our intentions of gaining acceptance on to a major exchange clear, we will not comment on which exchanges we have contacted nor will we pre-announce any material in this regard. This action would be unethical as others may use this information to promote market manipulation. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Find more information in future reports.



The marketing goals of the CampusCoin Project team for the second fiscal quarter of 2018 can be narrowed to three main tasks: Begin Social Media Bounties, Travel to Schools Worldwide, and Advance CampusCoin Sponsored Events in the United States.


Begin Social Media Bounties

The second fiscal quarter of 2018 will mark the start of the CampusCoinsocial media bounty push. As the name itself explains, we will be presenting our community with many opportunities to earn CMPCO based rewards for participating in bounties revolving around the publication of CampusCoin related social media posts. These bounties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Posting of provided graphics or material on select medias
  • Wearing CampusCoin clothing in posts (Yes clothes are coming soon!)
  • Graphic design competitions
  • Hashtag Bounties
  • Retweet Competitions
  • Much more..

The CampusCoin marketing team intends to use the bounties as a method of spreading our name and vision across all social medias while rewarding our dedicated community members at the same time. This ensures CampusCoin user totals increase while also remaining true to our original goal of giving free CMPCO to students. Watch for the release of bounties in future reports and on all medias.

If you have a recommendation for a bounty, please contact us.


Travel to Schools — Promote CampusCoin Worldwide

The CampusCoin team will also be focused on making appearances at universities during the second quarter of 2018. These appearances will include, but are not limited to, informative presentations, and in some cases, seminars, regarding basic blockchain theorycryptocurrency usage, and of course, CampusCoin.

The CampusCoin team is ahead of schedule and has already made our first collegiate appearance. On April 3rd, 2018 members of the CampusCoin team presented to an audience at Costal Carolina University.

Rich and Spencer, CampusCoin Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Business Development, respectively, spoke to an audience composed of Costal Carolina University students and faculty regarding the basics of blockchain and CampusCoin. They were joined by Bryce, CampusCoin Chief Ambassador and current student at Costal Carolina, who was responsible for connecting CCU and CampusCoin. This appearance marks the first of the many that will occur in the upcoming quarter.

These appearances will be used to spread the information the masses need to confidently and accurately make decisions regarding blockchain and its’ subsequent technologies. This can be accomplished while simultaneously allowing CampusCoin to make our presence in the scholastic world known.

Contact us if you want CampusCoin to come to your school.


Advance CampusCoin Sponsored Events — U.S.

With the recent release of our whitepaper, it is now time to spread CampusCoin’s name to the world. For this reason, the third major marketing goal for our team during the second quarter of 2018 is for CampusCoin to increase our sponsorship presence in the United States, with collegiate related events in focus.

In the previous quarter, CampusCoin made its sponsorship debut by simultaneously sponsoring Caleb Plant in his fight on national television, the ESM Youth Football Camp hosted by Deshaun Watson, and four of the top sign spinners AArrow had to offer. These events were just the start of our sponsorship career as we intend to sponsor events at universities scattered across the United States in the quarter to come.

These collegiate event related sponsorships will be beneficial to the growth of CampusCoin within the scholastic setting as many of the members of this demographic are prone to idolize athletes and important figures. These sponsorships will help CampusCoin become a household name, and in turn, increase our total number of users and overall transaction volume.

Stay tuned for information regarding CampusCoin events near you!


Development Updates:

  • Official CampusCoin Whitepaper has been released
  • Release of official CampusCoin Debit Cards
  • Mobile Wallet App development
  • Web Wallet development
  • Proof-of-Stake research/development
  • Discord and Telegram bot development


Marketing Updates:

  • Official CampusCoin Ambassador Guide to be released soon
  • Team announces partnership with Coin Ltd.
  • Ambassador of the month has been selected! Congratulations to our March Ambassador of the MonthNathan
  • Bracket Challenge Winner: Yung Pincherbug (Villanova as champion)
  • Translation bounties available: Contact Wasabi3333 on Discord

Media Expansion Statistics

Time Period: 2/20/2018 to 4/2/2018

Bryan Dube

CampusCoin Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer



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