Quarter 2, 2018 Synopsis

Quarter 2, 2018 Synopsis
June 4, 2018 marketingadmin

Synopsis of Quarter 2, 2018

This article will summarize the CampusCoin Project team’s accomplishments and currently active projects for the second quarter of 2018. 


The second fiscal quarter of 2018 can be summarized as a quarter revolving around back-end development and educational advisory outreach. While the team has been actively present on all community chat channels and official CampusCoin social media pages, the majority of the focus has been on the development of key aspects of our project. Our team has been diligently working to accomplish the back-end goals mentioned below.

The CampusCoin team has been working with key educational advisory members to ensure our project moves forward in a manner that follows our educational goals and standards while also producing core developments in a timely manner. There was an obvious period of relative silence from our team over the past few months, but this should be viewed as the calm before the storm. Much of what has been done will come to the light in the upcoming quarters.

Here is a brief summary of what has been accomplished in the second quarter of 2018, along with some tasks that are still ongoing:

Mobile and Web Wallet Development

As mentioned in earlier reports, the development of the CampusCoin mobile and web wallets remain ahead of schedule. The development of our mobile application is progressing at a rapid rate and the third quarter deadline, to this point, has not changed. Our team released a select few screenshots of the mobile application earlier in the quarter to ensure the community that progress is being made. As promised, our team will now present a teaser video to our community. View the teaser video for the CampusCoin mobile application here

Note: The teaser video above shows the intended functionality of the mobile app and key UI’s. Please note that the app is shown in work-space. The mobile app is not yet available to download. 

Alpha testing is actively being conducted with the CampusCoin Web Wallet. While we continue to fine tune our community solution, as part of our standard due diligence process, we have also performed a thorough pen test using a standard actively maintained industry tool-set. Analysis of the findings have identified the need for a small handful of internal coding adjustments in order to better protect the community, and also remain in alignment with our CampusCoin security model. We continue to do our part to make sure our community is kept as secure as possible, and move forward with the suggested changes.

Desktop Wallet Development

The official CampusCoin desktop wallet will be getting a much needed update. The pending update will include a change in the aesthetics of the user interface as well as the upgrade of a few key functionalities. The CampusCoin team would like to give a special thanks to our community member Roy, who has been actively helping the team by creating concepts for what this newly refreshed wallet will look like. The development team is in the process of analyzing ways to deliver this in a seamless way to the community. Follow our social medias for more information on when the update will occur! This update will contain our updated codes and be reflected in our GitHub repository as well.

Official Block Explorer Update Imminent

Another key progression that the CampusCoin development team is focused on is the updating of the official CampusCoin Block Explorer. The updated block explorer will have key functionality upgrades that will be announced upon release. A link to the explorer is provided on both our website and our ANN page. Stay tuned for further updates!

Exchange Expansion

A roadmap goal for the second quarter of 2018 for the CampusCoin project was to gain the listing of CMPCO on a major exchange. This goal had been set for our project long before the listing fee of said major exchanges reached limits in the millions of dollars (USD). This unexpected spike in the listing fee of these major exchanges, along with the fact that our main product, our mobile application, is not yet complete, made it practically impossible for our team to gain listing on any exchange that our community would consider major. We are still actively seeking to gain listing on a major exchange, though we may have to wait until after the release of the CampusCoin mobile app.

Though we did not gain the listing on a major exchange just yet, we have seen CampusCoin make two key progressions regarding cryptocurrency exchanges this quarter. The first occurred early in the quarter when CampusCoin was listed on the decentralized crypto exchange titled CoinSwitch. Great for beginning traders, CoinSwitch allows users to trade without the confusion that comes to beginners when using common exchanges and ensures the users receives the best available rate of transaction by comparing the rates of many high-volume exchanges.

The second key progression that was made occurred more recently, when CryptoWolf announced that CampusCoin could now be deposited and used to purchase all other altcoins on their exchange. Previously, CampusCoin could only be bought with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Stellar, and 50 other altcoins via the CryptoWolf platform. When selling CampusCoin, the only trading pair offered was CMPCO/BTC. Now, CampusCoin can be transacted both ways with the 50+ altcoins available of CryptoWolf’s platform. Thank you to CryptoWolf for the upgrade!

Proof of Stake Pre-Development

A major roadmap goal for the second fiscal quarter was the pre-development of a hybridization that would allow CampusCoin to also offer Proof of Stake (PoS) mining. To accomplish this goal, strategy and design discussions revolving around the integration of PoS into the CampusCoin algorithm have opened with two independent research, performance and design experts in the collegiate/blockchain space. Due to the sensitive nature of the relationship, and the requirements set forth with each university Office of Technology Transfer departments, these names will not be released until formalized, and resources may be officially allocated under full approval of each university.

Social Media Marketing to Revamp

The end of the second fiscal quarter also saw the return of a key graphic design figure for the CampusCoin team: KWK Designs. With the return of the entity who created our logo and initial brand design, our social media presence is expected to see an increase in both the quality of posts and the quantity of posts. These changes will become evident in the upcoming weeks as Kyle, head of KWK Designs, has agreed to take control of the content creation and graphic design for our social media marketing campaign. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or just comments you wish to share regarding our social media marketing presence, please email Kyle at kwkingdesigns@gmails.com.

CampusCoin Project Heading in New Direction

The CampusCoin project, after evaluating its status with CampusCoin LLC, has determined the project will continue to move forward independent of the relationship of CampusCoin LLC and Coin LTD. Updates will come as the quarter progresses.

Team Announces Start of Community Driven Teams

The end of the second fiscal quarter also marked the launch of three community driven teams that are set to assist the core CampusCoin team accomplish weekly tasks. These teams will include: a Graphic Design team, a Developmental team, and a Marketing team. These teams will consist solely of members of our community who possess skills that are deemed beneficial to our project and will work alongside the core team to progress our project. If you have skills you believe can help our project, and wish to become a member of our community teams, please feel free to reach out to the team leaders mentioned below on Discord or Telegram.

Development team

  • Telegram: @Buba 
  • Discord: @Buba

Marketing team

  • Telegram: @zachcmpco
  • Discord: @zachcmpco

Graphic Design team

  • Telegram: @KyleCMPCO
  • Discord: @KyleCMPCO

Team Tours Schools in the US

Another major accomplishment for the CampusCoin team was to make an advancement in the sponsored events held by our team in the United States. This was accomplished early in the quarter when members of our core team traveled to the southeast US to speak to students and faculty at two major universities: East Carolina University (ECU) and Coastal Carolina University(CCU). Our team would like to thank both universities for allowing members of our team to discuss our mission to a student and faculty body that truly embraced the potential that blockchain technologies possess. Our team looks forward to expanding our university appearances in the upcoming quarters. Watch for the CampusCoin team at your school!

Ambassador Program Development In Progress

Key changes are currently being made to the foundation and internal structure of our Ambassador Program. Though the number of Ambassadors has steadily increased since the inception of the program, the productivity of our Ambassadors has not. Considering the nature of the collegiate demographic, it is known that Ambassador participation will be limited until the release of the CampusCoin mobile app. With the app release date steadily approaching, our team is actively making key developments to the program that will be available in the upcoming quarter. Our team is focusing on the simplification of the program in order for each Ambassador to be able to participate without confusion or doubt. Also, rather than focusing on the acquisition of new Ambassadors, we will shift to ensuring each current Ambassador possesses the skills needed to thrive in the program. If you are an Ambassador, watch out for the release of V1.1 of the Ambassador Guide in the upcoming weeks.

Media Expansion Statistics

Time Period: 3/1/2018 to 6/1/2018

Message from Me:

I would like to personally thank each member of our team for the hard work they have put in during the second quarter. Without the sweat and tears, we would not be here! I would also like to extend my gratitude to our awesome community for supporting us every step of the way. Through the ups and downs and overall craziness of the crypto-market as a whole during the quarter, you stuck by us. For that, I thank you. Quarter three is set to be an exciting quarter where many of the behind-the-scenes developments will come to the limelight. CMPCO Season is approaching fast!

Bryan Dube

CampusCoin Co-Founder


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